I don’t talk about creating solutions: I make solutions happen. Having a close-knit family, I know the importance of keeping family together. My track record is unmatched. I have over 25 years of experience serving our community. 

City of San José: 

Strong Neighborhoods Initiative:

  • Managed day-to-day operations of the Santee, McKinley, Welch Park, Brookwood Terrance, and Capitol Neighborhood Centers for SNI and the City of San José.
  • Coordinated and audited the federal Weed and Seed program with other city departments, county agencies, CA State agencies, and other various non-profit organizations. 
  • Established crime prevention programs in neighborhoods by organizing and empowering residents within SNI through various methods of face-to-face canvassing and organizing community stakeholders. 
  • Coordinated, supervised, and helped draft Neighborhood Action Plans for the Neighborhood Action Committees, in the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative of: Tully-Senter, Spartan-Keyes, Five Wounds, King-Ocala, Washington, and West Evergreen areas.
  • Interacted with and supported neighborhood organizations/tenants’ associations throughout assigned areas. 

San José Downtown Association: 

  • Assists Downtown businesses on a variety of issues regarding economic development such as the storefront initiative and businesses openings. 
  • Assist businesses in obtaining a parklet of their business 
  • Assists on assisting our local downtown restaurants to streamline restaurant program
  • Assist local Downtown businesses with County Health Department regulations, permitting, and issues.

Elected Positions or Public agency committees: 

  • Franklin-McKinley School Board
  • San José-Evergreen Community College Board
  • Santa Clara County Board of Education School Organization/Boundaries Subcommittee

Washington Guadalupe Youth Group - Founding Member

  • Help build the Washington United Youth Center
  • Help build the Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch Library
  • Help build the Brenda Lopez Memorial Park 

Guadalupe Neighborhood - President

  • Collaborated with the City of San José to revitalize the Washington Elementary school soccer field.
  • Installed traffic lights and stop signs in high traffic areas including near school zones.
  • Collaborated with the City of San José invested in Calle Willow Business District
  • Collaborated with our city forest to plant hundreds of trees in the neighborhood
  • Collaborated with affordable housing developers to bring housing into the neighborhood
  • Collaborated with Valley Water District on a flood prevention project for Guadalupe Trail
  • Collaborated with the City of San José to renovate Virginia Street Bridge and other sound infrastructure programs like street paving. 
  • Collaborated with the City of San José to create ADA Street ramps. 
  • Collaborated with the City of San José to bring LED streetlights.
  • Collaborated with the City of San José and the county to fully fund youth and senior programming. 
  • Organized beautification days, dumpster days, and day of service events for the neighborhood.
  • Organized numerous community events for families in the neighborhood.
  • Worked with the San José Police Department and crime prevention to create strong community policing plans such as walking tours, neighborhood watch programs, and volunteering at our safe spaces in our neighborhood

Tamien Neighborhood - Member 

  • Collaborated with affordable housing and market-rate housing developers to bring housing to the neighborhood.
  • Collaborated with the county for a childcare center at the VTA Tamien light rail station. 
  • Collaborated with the City of San José to build the first pocket park called the Mateo Sheedy Park.
  • Worked with VTA to help build the Tamien neighborhood park (Park opened after 25 years)

Goodyear Mastic - Member 

  • Organized beautification days, dumpster days, and day of service events for the neighborhood (Egg Hunts and Cultural events)
  • Collaborated with our city forest to plant hundreds of trees in the neighborhood

Washington Area Community Coalition 

  • Served on the Executive Board for over seven years 
  • Worked with VTA on numerous projects 

City of San José Recreational Leader 

  • Washington Elementary School
  • McKinley Elementary School 
  • Alma Senior Center
  • Gardner Community Center

San José City College ASB:

  • Director of Student Clubs
  • Student Union Commissioner

San José Unified School District:

  • Campus Yard Supervisor 
  • Instructional Assistant 
  • Literacy Assistant 

Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM) - Executive Director 

  • Managed day-to-day operations of SMUM community resource center.
  • Coordinated, audited & balanced $205,000 yearly budget of SMUM.
  • Drafted grants for our food pantry, Afterschool Program, ESL, and Teen programs. 
  • Made recommendations and created action plans on how to improve client service and operations. 
  • Called participants regarding services they can utilize, thus increasing our clients served. 
  • Raised monies for special circumstances, 
  • raised $25,000 dollars to buy a new warehouse truck to help bring in more food to distribute to the community and
  • raised $4,000 for a new computer lab. 
  • Implemented English as Second Language (ESL) and Teen Leadership programs at the center. 
  • Coordinated and supervised the Studio Afterschool and ABC Preschool Playtime programs, two very important educational programs for the local community. 
  • Established and maintained strong relationships with donors, volunteers, Community Based Organizations, government departments/officials, schools, and others. 

City of San José-Office of Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco, 

Deputy Chief of Staff                                       

  • Office lead creating, drafting, or collaborating policy memos for Councilmember Carrasco.
  • Office Lead staff on the various task forces, subcommittees, City Council committees, and other governmental committees.
  • Draft, coordinate, & audit policy/reports of city departments, committees, commissions, and other various boards for the Councilmember. 
  • Drafted speeches, press materials, and constituent correspondence with effective writing proficiency.
  • Office lead for policies and outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Bay Area, particularly in our Alum Rock Business and Story Road Business Corridors.
  • Office lead on policy areas: economic development, land use, education, LGBTQ+ issues, public safety, finance, community engagement, cannabis industry, and parks.

Community Relations Director: 

  • Office lead on organizing, maintaining, and assisting neighborhood associations with grassroots organizing & emerging neighborhood leaders with the development of their leadership skills.
  • Office lead on organizing, maintaining, and assisting businesses with organizing & advocacy and help develop their leadership and organizing skills.
  • Official scheduler for the office. Prepared and staffed the members at important meetings, speaking engagements, or other community events.  
  • Created and maintained her social media page and campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  
  • Maintained collaborative relationships with schools, other governmental agencies, community-based organizations, etc. 
  • Coordinated, organized, and supervised community events/meetings for the Vice Mayor and District 5 constituents:
  • Organized community meetings, community coffee/office hours, “Pizza and Policy” lunch meetings, and Community Pancake breakfasts for her constituents.
  • Organized the largest National Night Out in the Bay Area with over 4,000 attendants.
  • Organized her yearly Mexican Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony.
  • Organized her monthly Neighborhood Dumpster Days.

Intern Coordinator:

  • Created a robust and productive internship program for Councilmember Carrasco
  • Managed the selection, training, and development of interns and Council staff by designating tasks, supervising their projects, and assisting them in navigating City policies/departments.
  • Managed a Community Relations Team to inform constituents, businesses, school leaders, and other stakeholders on various issues of importance.
  • Managed and recruited volunteers for our office events and other special meetings.